Ok lets jump right in. Today I will be introducing one of my secret weapons that help me get an edge when it comes to making passive income online. Fiverr is the secret. You may have heard a lot about making money with Fiverr and how to sell your skills, you most defiantly can make money on Fiverr. But this blog post is about using other peoples skills to benefit your real estate business. Of course making extra money doing something you love on Fiverr is a great advantage. There are a few lucky people out there that have turned their Fiverr.com gigs into a full time job. If you have a specialized skill like writing, photography, web design, voice overs, art, or just about anything else you can think of, there is probably a market for your services online.

This is what I use Fiverr for. As a real estate investor and marketer Fiverr is my best friend. The logo on this website was designed by a guy on Fiverr. Very simple logo with my message in it, just the way I wanted it. It would have cost me a lot more than $5 to create this logo somewhere else. Best of all it saves me a ton of time. I can have a site up and running and making money in a couple of days thanks to Fiverr.

These are gigs that I would recommend, I have used all of them myself. These 5 gigs will help you save time and money and at the same time help you make your business stand out from the competition. They will grow your business online and offline, but most of these apply to any business that does work on the internet. These are my top 5 gigs that I use for my websites personally. They help me grow my blog and my real estate income and best of all they save me a ton of time. 

The Best Fiverr Gigs For Real Estate Investors 

1. Logo Creation

Anyone who knows anything about branding and logo design will kind of cringe a little bit at this. Getting a logo done for $5 is insane. But with Fiverr it’s very common to get a logo made for $5. Fiverr is great if you are trying to grow a professional and distinctive business. If you just bought your first rental property or you have hundreds of themare just launching a new website or blog to try a new tactic or experiment in a new niche then getting logos done on the cheap is really helpful. 

Fiver Logo Design Best quality logo creation I have personally used Fiverr to get logos made for many of my website and the work that is provided is absolutely worth it. You can see many previews of work that every person has done and you can see the quality.


2. Custom Video Introduction

I got my fancy OneMoreRental video introduction done on Fiverr (you can check it out on my YouTube Channel if you haven’t seen it) you can get some similar things done quite easily. They look professional and it’s a great way to start a video. With this introduction clip everybody will know that a OneMoreRental.com video is about to start. When getting a video introduction done, make sure to make it short and sweet. This way it will be easily remembered and associated with your business. You want people to see it and immediately know that it is one of your videos coming up.

There are hundreds to choose from, pick one that you like.

3. Whiteboard Drawing Videos

These videos are really quite cool and used by many bloggers, internet marketers and websites. Basically it is someone writing text or drawing a picture on a white background. It can be used to explain a concept to someone or to just animate your website logo and give it some life. 

Personally I think this is a great way to communicate something that might be tricky on your website or blog. For example, you could get a short one done to explain how your email opt-in form process works, or even to explain a sales checkout.

4. Picture Enhancement Property Showing

I use this a LOT, it is one of my favorite and most used gig on fiverr. When you finish your property and you take pictures to post online and to show your rental property to potential tenants you want it to look as best as possible.

With a $5 Fiverr gig you can get your photos touched up that way they look excellent. They will look like a professional took them. This will bring a lot more people to see the property. This is an example –

real estate secret tool fiverr gigs rental property before and after investment
A Fiverr Touched Up Picture, Increase Your Profits.

5. Voice Overs And Podcasts

If you’re thinking about starting a podcast or perhaps you already have one but want to make it more professional, it’s a good idea to look into getting a nice little intro made. This might involve a little bit of music but, it also could have someone with a really cool, big booming voice doing a little intro for you. Of course, Fiverr has plenty of people doing these! Look around for someone with good previews and see if they have the voice that matches your branding and style.


Conclusion – Join Fiverr Today

Fiverr is a great resource that you can use to give your real estate business the edge it needs to make you a lot of money. Make sure to take full advantage of Fiverr and all the amazing things it offers. Click Here to sign up to and see what it can do for you

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