Tools Of The Trade

After a ton of research, I have found many great tools that have worked great for me. These resources I want to share with you because they have helped me make money and they can help you as well.  I’ll add more tools/resources it as I learn more, but you’ll notice that in the future I will refer to this page quite often. I recommend bookmarking it for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!


If you look at nothing else on this page, these are the tools that you should know about. I find myself recommending these resources again and again, in emails and on podcasts. I use them because they make my life easier, and I’m confident you’ll agree too. is one of the most beneficial sites for real estate investors. Raise allows you to buy gift cards at BIG discounts anywhere from 5% to 35% off. With thousands to chose from, including Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart and a lot more. Save big every time you shop. Join Free Today –


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Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name. The site is primarily used by freelancers who use Fiverr to offer services to customers worldwide. Currently, Fiverr lists more than three million services on the site that range between $5 and $500. Click Here To Join Fiver

Investing In Stocks – Use RobinHood And Trade/Invest For Free

Robinhood is a popular investing app with more than 2 million usersThe app lets you trade stocks with zero broker fees, and it has recently been valued at $1.3 billion. Millennials in particular seem to love the app. Click Here to Download The Robinhood App 
Real Estate Investing Calculators

We have all the real estate calculators you will need to make a successful real estate purchase. Check out our Real Estate Investing Calculators page for FREE calculators, including Rent or Buy Calculator, Refinance Calculator, Monthly Mortgage Calculator, and much more.

Finding The Perfect Property

One of my favorite sites to look for good rental properties in I am on the site every single day looking for deals. I love the city date the site provides. Lots of good information. You’re not the only dreaming of your perfect home. Find it on

Free Renter – Tenant Application

rental application pdf file edit free downloadThis is a basic application that I give out when renting a property. This application is very simple and it collects all the information required. You are more than welcome to tweak it to fit your specific situation. ( Click Here To Download The Free  RESIDENTIAL LEASE APPLICATION –

Free Denial Letter – Sorry:/

rental application pdf file edit free downloadDenying a tenant is hard for some landlords, they do not want to confronted, accused of discrimination or worse. This simple letter will help DENY applicants with ease. You cam mail it to them, or email it ( I send it in email ) ( Click Here To Download The Free Denial Letter – )