How To Determine Rental Property Value The Right Way


The process of searching for rental investment property can be exciting; nevertheless, before you get too excited it is essential to consider initial calculations to determine that you know exactly what you are facing to guarantee a successful investment. How to determine rental property value and the things to take into consideration.

Realistic Potential Rental Income 

How to determine rental property value? First, you need to examine properly, realistic potential rental income. This is the most important. If the property has already been given as a rental property, you need to spend some time to figure out how much the property has previously rented for in the past and then carry out some research to determine whether that amount is achievable in the future or not.

In some situations, properties may have rented for lower than they should have while in other cases a property may be over-rented. Look for comparable rentals in your region to know whether the property in question is on target; otherwise, you will probably realize that the quantity you think you will be receiving in rental income is unrealistic.

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Mortgage Interest Rate

Mortgage attention is another place that should consider properly. Ensure that you fully comprehend current interest rates as well as the details of your specific loan because mortgage interest is the biggest expense you will face when purchasing an investment property.

First, know that houses and flats normally have loan structures that are similar to any mortgage loan. With larger property; however, such as a triplex; prices are greater. If you are looking for a commercial property with even more units; the matter of terms and rates is entirely different.

The more money you can put down as a down payment, when buying the property, the less interest you will have to pay. I would not recommend putting a large down payment. I like to buy rental properties with the least amount of cash out of my pocket.

Property Taxes

Taxes are another issue. Many individuals use the required taxation from the year in which the property was bought and believe they can use these figures to estimate expenses. This is not always the instances because taxation doesn’t stay the same; they typically change every year. Usually, the tax goes up after a property is bought. This is particularly the case if the property was formerly proprietor filled.

So, it is commonly smart just to believe that the required taxation will go up on the property after you buy it.


One area which many people fail to think about is the price of the property being vacant. While you would surely hope that your property would stay rented at all times.

There will probably be times when your properties will be vacant. You should believe that your property will have an average 10% vacancy rate.

Tenant Turnover Rate

The cost of tenant turnover should also be considered. This is often a big surprise to many landlords who believe they will rent their properties, and their occupants will remain in the property for a while. Even more, of a surprise is how much it is to prepare the property to rent out again.

Just a few of the charges included not only promoting for a new renter but also repainting, cleaning, If any damage was done to the property, the all inclusive expenses of repair might not be fully covered by the security deposit you charged.

Rental Property Insurance 

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How To Determine Rental Property Value

The price of insurance plan should also be considered. Remember that the insurance for investment properties are usually more than an owner occupied property. Ensure that you obtain a quote rather than just using the price for your home as a calculating guide. Also, ensure you think about not only property insurance but also liability insurance as well.

Utility Cost

Utility cost is another place that is frequently under-estimated. If the property has already provided as a rental property, ensure you figure out precisely what the landlord pays for and what the renters pay for. You should also ensure you figure out whether you will be responsible for additional fees such as refuse collection.

All of my rental properties the tenants pay all the utility bills, from water to electric to trash removal. I found this to work the best for me.

How To Determine Rental Property Value – Final Thoughts

A property that delivers positive cash flow every single month is the best rental property to have. Every rental property comes with its one expenses and circumstances that will determine if you will make money with that property. These are the major things that affect a rental property. If you plan on being a landlord you have to be ready for everything. Check out this great ebook that will teach you the ins and outs of being a landlord. Click Here 

If all your expenses are accounted for and they all check out and at the end out the month you have a decent rental income than your have a good property.