How To Achieve Real Estate Goals In 5 Simple Steps


How do I achieve my real estate goals? Humans are creatures of habit. We are drastically influenced by our surroundings. This includes our parents, our neighborhood, and our friends. Influences that are good and bad.

However though, We can break this cycle. You can create your own life. Each and every individual has a mind of its own. The mind, one’s ability to think and make decisions, is man’s most powerful tool.. We can create whatever our minds tell us to.

Starting my articles off with negative inputs that would lead to my readers being let down is something I’ve never been too eager to accomplish. This subject which I am elaborating with you is something that I am very passionate about. I think it is very crucial to success in any field such as real estate and rental properties which is what I will be going into further detail with you about. These are the steps I use for my real estate goals. 

Real Estate Goals

I firmly believe that if you want to be successful in real estate you have to believe you can succeed in all things real estate. You have to know that no matter what obstacles you come to face, you can overcome them and success will happen. You have to be convinced 110% that you will succeed no matter what.

Before I bought my first rental property, I spent about a year saving and getting myself prepared for what i was about to get myself into. I had to prepare myself mentally and financially.

I thought about it every single day and pictured myself buying the property, receiving the keys and signing the mountain of paperwork.

I had worked lots of overtime so I could save more for the down payment and I enjoyed watching my bank account grow. Seeing all my hard work was pay off brought joy and excitement to my life. 

The Magic Power Within Your Mind

Your mind is a very powerful thing, and most of us take it for granted. We believe we aren’t in control of what we think because our thoughts seem to fly in and out all day long. But you are in control of your thoughts, and you become what you think about. And that little kernel of truth is the secret power of the mind. It’s really not a secret after all. The power is available to every single person, including you.

You will have obstacles big and small that will try to stop you from reaching your dreams. You have to crush them as soon as they appear.

1.Write your dreams down. They are now goals.

Writing your dreams down on paper is the first step, this sounds easy and it is. This by far is the most important step. Writing down your dreams makes them goals and it forces you to clarify what you desire.

Make sure to make it as detailed as possible and have a visual picture in your mind.

What NOT To Do  – Goal 1 – Buy a new house

What TO Do – Goal 1 – Buy a 4 bedroom 2 bath modern house, with a wide in-ground swimming pool and a 2 car garage all fenced in a tall privacy fence.

That’s just a quick example, make it as detailed as possible. That way when you read it you will be able to see yourself living in the house. You will feel the cold water when jumping in your swimming pool. You will see the 2 car garage when pulling up next to the house. You’re not the only dreaming of your perfect home. Find it on

The goal is to make you feel like you already own that house, that you can touch it, see it, smell it, hear it, and even taste it.

2. Set deadlines on these goals. They are now targets to hit.

This one is simple, set a deadline for your goals. Be specific, don’t just say I will achieve this goal by next year.

Give an exact date, like I will buy this house by April 15th, 2017

The date is important but do not think about it too much. Don’t stress yourself out over it.

3. Work out what you need to do to achieve these targets (literally write down each and every task required). You now have a plan.

This is the tricky part of setting your real estate goal and where a lot of people get stuck. Let’s jump right in, we will use buying a house for this example. We already stated the buying the house is our goal, we described the house, we set a deadline, and now we set what action is required.

To buy my dream house this is what I will need.

  1. Get pre approved for a mortgage
  2.  Find a real estate agent
  3. Pick the area that I want to live in…

You want to write down all that is required. You can also add deadlines to the requirements.

4. Take massive action on that plan every single day

This is where your strength comes into play, no I’m not talking about physical strength but your mental power. You have to wake up every single day and take action to turn your dreams into reality.

A goal is a dream with a deadline. Napoleon Hill Click To Tweet

For example in step one, get pre proved for a mortgage. After reading it you need to put your big boy or big girl pants on and get yourself to the bank or the computer and get pre approved.

Simple as that, DO NOT procrastinate, get up and do it! Achieve your real estate goals !

You have to power to make your dream life a reality, you have the power to change your life. Don’t be afraid to try new things, don’t be afraid to fail. Success comes to those that try new things, that fail, that never give up.

Start imagining your life the way you want it. Create a picture in your mind and think about that picture all day long. Believe in it. Why Is Real Estate A Good Investment? 5 Reasons To Invest

5. Your deadline just came around and boom you’ve achieved your targets, hit your goals and your plan worked.

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