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Who is Senad Salihovic?

(Senad Salihovic Owner & Founder of OneMoreRental.com)
He’s living his dream of being location independent, and having traveled the world, thanks to real estate. I consider myself the luckiest person on Earth. My aim with OneMoreRental is to help you live your dream thanks to real estate (long term real estate investments).

Though I’m always clear to point out I’m not a “guru” nor a billionaire and will never pretend to be to try and impress you. I don’t know everything and won’t pretend to.

SO WHY DID I START OneMoreRental.com?

With this blog, I want to be as transparent as possible with everything I do offline and online. My businesses, my strategies and my income – it’s all out there for you to see. I’m not trying to show off my success – that’s definitely not my purpose. If you’re already buying and investing in real estate, I hope that my experiences – both my wins and my failures – can help you reach your goals. Click here to see my goals for the year – Senad’s Goals.

If you’re not buying real estate or investing in rental properties but thinking about it, you can see what it’s like, see what’s involved and make decisions on your own without having to pay someone and be subjected to the possibility of false claims and wasted money.

Earning any type of income with real estate takes a lot of hard work, a lot of patience and a little bit of luck too, although I honestly believe we create our own luck. I invest in long term rental properties that create passive income for me, income that I can live on.

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One of my favorite quotes from Eric Thomas, I apply this to everything I do.

when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you’ll be successful.

What do you want to achieve by reading OneMoreRental?

Find profitable rental properties in all markets.
Tools that will help you succeed in real estate.
Increased passive income every month.
Finance ideas for your properties.

No hype. Just real content that’s meant to make a difference.