President Donald Trump is hated and loved by many people, he is a very controversial figure. He is seen by many as a rude and an inconsiderate person who only cares about him self. A man who will crush anything or anyone that stands in his way.

On the other hand, Trump is loved by many. He is seen as the beacon of change and a president that will make America great again.

It doesn’t matter what your political view is or what you think about Donald Trump. His real estate portfolio commands respect. With some of the most valuable real estate assets in the world and a portfolio valued in the “BILLIONS” you have to give credit where credit is due.

Now let’s get to it 🙂

If you look at the richest men and women in the world according to Forbes, a very large number of them have their fingers in real estate. Why is that? Why real estate?

Simple real estate allows you to keep and grow your wealth.

Here are the 7 benefits of buying real estate.

Tax Benefits In The Billions 

real estate investing calculator mortgage investing roi rent buyDonald Trump raised a lot of noise in the presidential election when the news came out that he got a $1 Billion tax break.  A lot of people were shocked, but this is not surprising to fellow real estate investors.

Owning real estate, investing in rental property and running your own real estate business has huge tax benefits.  Millionaires that have huge earning use these tax benefits to end up paying the same amount in taxes as a regular employee making $65k a year.

Tax-Free Growth

The good thing about real estate is that you can use the money to make ever more. A 1031 exchange and self-directed IRAs will help you do just that.

Tax deferred and Tax free.

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The Power of Compounding

Compounding can help turn that small investment into something very big, very quickly. The wealthiest people buy real estate and let compounding take over. They profit with profit.  

Investing just $3000 or $5000 with the power of time and compounding your small investment will grow to millions. Let compounding go to work for you.

One of my favorite Donald Trump quotes

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Passive Income

This is what makes real estate stand out. Income earned from your real estate investment is taxed lower than regular income from a job.

Real estate income is in a group by itself, the passive income group. This means your real estate investments or your rental properties are making you money while you sleep.

It’s like you have clones of your self that are working full-time jobs while you enjoy the freedom that passive income provides.

Preserving Wealth

Unlike the stock market, real estate is a hard asset. With physical land and buildings. Real estate better protects and preserves your investment. The land and building will always be there (unless you decided to demolish everything).

In real estate you can make huge returns on your investments, but to stay wealthy you have to learn how not to lose what you have already made.

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Inflation Protection

Inflation the cash killer. If you have cash just sitting around in your bank account, you are losing money. Inflation is constantly devaluing your money. It doesn’t matter if it’s sitting under your mattress, in a shoe box or your bank account, your cash is loosing value.

For example look at the vale of the dollar in the last 10 years compared to now. The purchasing power of the dollar has dropped significantly.


Like a stock that pays dividends a rental property offers the same benefit. Getting a rental check every month is the best dividend you can ask for.

The wealthy like Donald Trump love a rental property that is appreciating in value and paying a monthly dividend. Best part is with enough rental properties you can live off the dividend and retire well before the age of 65.

Or you can reinvest and grow your real estate empire to a massive scale.

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As you can see there are many benefits in investing in real estate. The wealthiest people in the world are doing it, you need to as well.